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Vito Desalvo Exhibition Catalog

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Vito'sInternational People in the Know

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       This Train: An Artist's Journal


Tony Fitzpatrick


This Train: An Artist's Journal is like no other book written by Mr. Fitzpatrick. Unlike previous works, this book will include both high quality drawing collage images accompanied by corresponding essays produced over a sixteen-month period. Part memoir, part urban narrative, part socio-political commentary, each piece is a deeply personal and intellectual contemplation of a broader American story. Fitzpatrick is without a doubt the contemporary voice of the workingman, following strongly in the tradition of both Nelson Algren and Studs Terkel. This Train: An Artist's Journey is the culmination of a nearly two-year meditation on the ideas and experiences that bind us to this land; it is a treatise on the American view from the bottom up.


Firecat Projects

2019 N. Damen Ave.

Chicago, IL 60647





Tue - Sat  10a - 6p

& by appointment

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